On TbR

Midway on life's journey, I found myself in dark woods, the right road lost...so I started a blog.

I've never thought about adding an 'About Me' section before.  I thought that reading my posts would adequately sum me up.  But therein lies the problem; I appear to have become a rather changeable person.  One week I'll write about how technology irritates me.  The next I'll write how it's not irritating me enough.  I love the city, then I hate it.  I am, it appears, a massive bundle of contradictions and reading my posts would more likely confuse than explain.   

This blog came about because I quite often think things that I'd never talk about with the people I know in the Real World.  It's not that the things I think and write about are too crude or highbrow for the company I keep.  In fact you'd be hard pressed to find anything too crude for them.  It's more that I'm not confident I'll make sense, or that people will understand what I'm trying to say.  So, instead, I launch my own peculiar brand of nonsense onto the internet where I've found a number of wonderful people who not only have the patience and willpower required to make it through one of my posts, but who actually get what I'm saying, too!  Back of the net.

I'm often seen wandering around London, where I live and work, taking photos on my phone to post alongside what I write.  I also make a weekly appearance at the Transatlantic Support Group and can often be seen loitering in the comments section of the following:

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