Thursday, 11 March 2010

On Happiness

...and most of all, I'd like to thank Kisekae @ Diary of a Doll - not just for passing on the love, but also for introducing me to the mad world of chatroulette, which has provided much merriment since I first discovered it through her blog.

And, following her lead, I'm going to list 10 things that make me happy;

1. GIVING PEOPLE NICKNAMES. If I meet someone and we become friends it's rare that I'll call them by their first names. Most of the people close to me have extra special names, just for them. These nicknames might not make the people they're intended for that happy, but it's all in the good name of Banter, and thus excusable.

2. VIOLINS. It doesn't matter what genre - play me a song with a violin solo in it and the chances are I'll play it on the Pod for weeks. I'm not sure where this started - I've never played a violin, it just strikes a chord (good one...) with me that other instruments don't. Patrick Wolf's Damaris, for example, is currently my most played song, followed closely by the Langley Sisters' Sing for My Supper.

3. WAKING UP EARLY, really early, and realising I can go back to sleep for ages before I have to drag myself up. Alas, this happens rarely these days - it's a wonder I ever make it into work on time (despite having my alarm go off every ten minutes from six until half seven...)

God this is hard. I'm struggling at four - does that make me a miserable person?

4. GOOD BOOKS. The books that make you look forward to the long commute, or the ones you can't put down when you get home, and especially the ones that colour the way you look at the world after finishing them.

5. DECEMBER. It's my birthday, and everyone is full to the brim with festive cheer. It gets dark early, which I like, and everything is sparkly. This is a good month.

6. STRONG COFFEE. Without it I'd barely be able to function, and it tastes so nice...

7. STRANGERS FINDING THE SAME THING FUNNY. Recently I was on a train, a late train back from the City. The man sitting opposite me was dead to the world, snoring like nothing I've ever heard before. Out. Of. This. World. At first it really grated on me, I considered moving seats. But then I caught the eye of the person sitting next to him. She was trying to stifle a laugh. Seeing that put my irritation into perspective, and by the next station I was caught in a giggle loop.

8. POINTY SHOES. I love them. My brother bought me a shiny black pair for Christmas, and although they literally cut my ankles to pieces I don't care. They look to chuffing cool for that to matter.

9. BUSY PLACES FULL OF PEOPLE. In particular, I love stations. Big stations, like Kings Cross and Paddington. Not because I'm a trainspotter, honest, but because of all the different people going their different ways, journeys starting, ending or just continuing. I could sit in a station for ages and people watch.

10. SHARING A HANGOVER. There's a unique bond created by two or more people suffering at the same time after a night of excess. At university we'd gather round the tiny TV and watch T4 over a massive fry-up and tea by the gallon, piecing the night together with photos and text messages to supplement the little we could actually remember. It's even funnier if there's a journey involved.

So, they are my ten happy thoughts for today. I hope they're not too bizarre. I'd now like to pass this little ray of happiness onto the following:

London Girl @ London Town & Me - on a quest to make London smile, one hug-needing stranger at a time (although she's literally just posted a 'things that make me happy' post. Spoil sport).
Patti @ For When My Head Gets Full. - who has a lot to be happy about now she's off for like, ages...?


  1. From 6 til 7.30am... Seriously?! How much snooze time do you need? My alarm goes off at 7.30am and most mornings I'm straight out of bed within a minute. I guess that makes me a total morning person then.

    Thanks for the tag. And don't worry, I can probably think of 100 things that make me happy!


  2. haha nice list! hope i didn't cause you too much anguish with chatroulette!

    having a moment with a random stranger is the best! I had a similar one also on the bus, it must be because there are so many people doing weird things on a bus, and its just not fun unless someone else is suffering with you

    People like you who actually like to pointlessly wake up early just to press snooze are my pet peeve!!! ahhh i just dont get it! lol

  3. God, OK Snooze Police. I don't snooze on purpose, I fully intend to get up early, but something gets in the way - take today for example, it's 07:25 and I'm still in bed despite my phone shouting at me for AGES. I don't understand people who can get up straight away, I'm jealous.

    Have a good Friday everyone!

  4. Thank you so much, and really chatroulette has invaded the BFF's world - i swear it is her favorite 230AM activity.

    I am one of those happy people these days