Saturday, 1 May 2010

On Various Methods of Procrastination

Despite having tamed my rogue I-Pod, the War with Technology continues. My work computer is still valiantly trying to stay awake, alive and kicking, though more often than not fails miserably and gives itself up to the Blue Screen of Death. Because of the long periods of enforced inactivity thrust upon me by this antique piece of office equipment, I've turned from Facebook, YouTube to new methods of passing the eight hours a day I spend at my desk:

I make Morph, my little desk buddy, lift cars. He's very strong is Morph, and quite enjoys the physical exertion. He's also very fond of the scarf I found for him (modelled in this picture).

I nibble at the delights delivered in my weekly Graze box (the Wasabi peas are bloody lovely).

I make origami animals. Please be introduced to the Happy Whale Family and Samsung the Panda.

I design complex costumes for the fancy dress party I'm attending next week. This is a frog costume - it's still in the planning stages but I'm hoping to get it through production this week!

And I leave notes next to home-made, people-shaped snacks.

Add a dash of office banter, one lyric quiz, an extended lunch break and a generous helping of day-dreaming, and you too can have a fun-full Friday that will pass in the blink of an eye.

DISCLAIMER: Should any of my colleagues stumble across this blog, please note that the italicised phrases are intended ironically and should not be taken seriously. That said, if you do fancy getting me a brand spanking new machine and, by doing so, increase my output tenfold, please do so.


  1. My work computer is a suckass as well. Sometimes you wouldn't even be able to click the "post comment" button. It's that bad. You're not alone.

    And congrats on being artistic while passing the eight hours of time at work. I should try to do that.

  2. Count me in!Argh.For my Pc that is.I'm wondefully unemployed.Woohoo?
    Also,LOVE the origami animals =) make me one?!! :D

  3. I had a working computer at my last job, but I still spent a significant portion of my time playing with my desktop lego set, my Indiana Jones edition Mr Potato Head, Ants in the Pants, and doodling random pictures on post-it notes.