Saturday, 22 May 2010

On Sticking My Oar In

Mishieru @ Upside Down gave me a Super Comments Award! I'm not sure that she realises what she's done, encouraging my habit of being a nosey bastard and preaching my opinions all over everyone's blogs - now I can only get worse. If my comments clog up your posts - you know who to blame! [I am of course only joking - thanks Mishieru!] So, onto the meme...

1. Why do you blog?

It started as a way to document the bizarre thoughts that pass through my head that I don't share with people in 'real life'. It's also something I can look back on, to remind me what I've done, what I've achieved (if anything) and how I've felt. Oh, and I love talking about myself. It's all me, me, me. Now it's turned into something else, the content is the same but the way I feel about it is different. And of course I've discovered loads of other blogs that I look forward to reading, which spurs me on further.

2. What are your best memories?

God knows. I don't want people to think I've had a miserable life. I haven't. I just find it hard to pinpoint any one moment. I also tend to wriggle out of anything that feels even vaguely momentous. I didn't attend my graduation from university, for example. Nor did I throw a party before leaving for or returning from Italy (where I spent ten months). I tend to skulk through life. Like a spy.

3. If you had to change your real name, what would you change it to?

Erm...during a recent night-out, we were all assigned random names (long story, much of which is now hazy). Mine was Henry Fawkes, which I quite like.

4. Name 5 things you can't live without?

My I-Phone; I resisted it for so long. Now I couldn't function without it. Coffee - black with no sugar. I don't care if it's instant, freshly ground or what - as long as it's got caffeine in it. My Oyster Card - God forbid I ever have to buy a paper ticket. I think I'd go mad with worry that I might crease it, or have bought the wrong one. A Book - whichever one I happen to be reading. The commute is dull without one. My Man Bag - to hold all of the above, except the coffee, which would be messy.

5. What are the four best books you've ever read?

The Master & Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov
Dracula - Bram Stoker
Crime & Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

6. Tell me something unique and interesting about yourself.

My middle name is Paul, after Pauline, my nan who died before I was born. Her mother was landlady in the East End, and my nan was named after a brewery (Paulin & Co I believe). Therefore, I believe my near constant urge to 'nip to the pub' or 'go for a swift half' is fully justified. It's in my blood, obviously.

7. What do you love about yourself?

I don't know that there's much to love. *violin music*

8. What is the best movie ever made?

Good one. I think I'll say Roma Città Aperta, directed by Rossellini for its no holds barred, raw account of the Nazi occupation of Rome. I think Hollywood could learn a lot from neorealism - you don't need big names, special effects and pyrotechnices if the stories you're depicting are worth telling.

9. If you had a 'freaky Friday' experience, who would you change places with, and why?

Tim Burton. I would love to think how he thinks.

10. What's the best part about being a woman?

Erm...well...of course I don't know, but the thing I'm most jealous about is women get to shop in Accessorize. I'm like a raven in that if it's shiny or metallic I'm drawn to it like a moth to flame. I'd quite happily spend hours in there.

I hope my answers haven't bored you too much, and thanks once again to Mishieru for the award! I'd like to pass it on to all of serial commenters who haven't already received - you know who you are!


  1. I honestly laughed so hard at your last answer. Excellent! Good choice. I do love me some Accessorize! But once I'm in there, I am constantly overwhelmed by the choice and tend to give up because it's all shiny and pretty and distracting. That and I know from experience that really pretty-looking necklaces that are really rather huge blue balls.. yeah, not really my look no matter how pretty they seem in the shop.

    The only thing that annoys me about that store is that Accessorise is misspelt! O_o

    Also! Take a picture of your man bag for us? Please, thank you!

  2. Haha! You made me laugh Tbr! Hey, don't forget i love comments so i don't mind you being nosy at all and i think they don't too.

    Why did i forget coffee? Well maybe it's because i'd been trying to cut back. But noh! I'll never give it up. Could you tell me why is that paper ticket called an oyster card?

  3. I hate you TbR. I tagged you too and you didn't notice it because you concentrated on me wanting to trade places with Suri Cruise?!! OMG!!!

    Anyway, I forgive you. But just because you're funny. And you were happy that Drew and I sorted out our differences. That makes you my friend. You're invited to my wedding.

  4. @ Risha - I KNOW! The spelling of Accessorize annoys me too, but what can you do when everything's so sparkly. I guess we'll just have to overlook it. Picture of the Man Bag to follow...maybe. Soon. But why would you want one? So it can be mocked? Is that it?

    @ Mishieru - ok, I will continue to litter your blog with comments if you don't mind. An Oyster card is a plastic travel card you can top up that lets you get on buses, trains, tubes etc. I think it's called an Oyster card because of the phrase 'the world is your oyster', in that it gives you the opportunity to travel. I probably haven't explained myself at all well. I've had a long day...;)

    @ Gnetch - hate is such a strong word and I'm devastated. But I'm forgiven, so I'm over it. Now I've read your explanation, Suri Cruise makes perfect sense. When's the big day so I can put it in my diary?

  5. NO!
    I like man bags! I kind of want one. Plus, (for some odd reason) I always imagine man bags to be these classy leather affairs. Very old school. ALSO. I notice that your particular Man Bag is capitalised. It must be special, no?
    And hey, you like Accessorize. You *must* have fantastic taste. Go on then!

  6. I just started reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. So far, I'm glad I got it.

    Also. My second time here. I like your blog. You're sort of all over the place. I can appreciate that kind of thing. On my blogroll you go! Hope that's alright.