Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bloggerstock: The Story Of What Is On Your Desk

A couple of months ago, a few 20-something bloggers came up with the inspired idea for Bloggerstock; a blog swap that's been extending the number of blogs involved month by month. Blogger A sends their post to Blogger B, who posts it on their site, and in turn sends their post to Blogger C. A, B and C then become the best of friends. Today, I've flown the nest and have sent my post to Pepper [here] who has been kind enough to put me up [I hope - I'm posting early from work because I'm off out on the razz!]. And kindly manning the TBR fort here is Kelly from Not the Only Stargazer. Without further ado, over to Kelly [round of applause]:

Bloggerstock: The Story of What is on Your Desk

Heyyyy! I’m Kel from Not The Only Dreamer and this is my first Bloggerstock experience. I’m really super excited to be posting from across the Atlantic for TBR today!!!!! Bloggerstock is a blog swap project where each blogger posts on the name that comes after them on a pre-determined list, forming a biiiig ring. It’s fun! You should try it! Visit the Bloggerstock site to see what it’s all about, and to join the ring!

Anyway, the topic this week is about what’s on our desks. My desk? Well my ‘desk’ per say is quite a relative term. I’m a mobile hairstylist, so I go to my clients’ homes to do their hair. I pretty much set up shop in each and every home I visit, and it’s a blast!! I bring my color bowls, foils for highlighting, combs and clips, and most importantly, I bring my shears.

When I’m not out making a ‘desk’ somewhere else, I have an entirely different desk at home in my garage. I’m an artist, and I specialize in painting, so my ‘desk’ in the garage is COVERED in paint. I’ll spare ya’ll with a visual of the madness in its entirety, but here is a small preview.

As you can kinda see in the lower right corner, I have an adorable green plaid plastic table cloth over the table, so that I don’t get paint all over it. It’s not exactly adorable, it was just the crappiest thing I could find in the back of my linen closet. Because I paint in my garage, and the summer heat is simply unbearable right now, I have a big osculating fan set up on the workbench right in front of me. I have a big lamp that used to be nice and pretty and fancy, but is now covered in splattered paint on my table. I have a small tv that has a built in VCR (SCOREEEE!!!) also on the workbench in front of my table, so that I can watch tv (or old vcr movies that I steal from my dad’s house haha). I very rarely ever watch something that I need to pay attention to while I’m painting, so I often put the nature channel on. I think I just like the noise more than anything. I have an old hair blow dryer that I keep out there, and I use that when I’m getting impatient with how slow the paint dries (which is pretty much all the time) so that I can start on the next layer of my painting. I have boxes and boxes of paint all around my ‘area’. I have an old Folger’s Coffee container where I put my water to rinse my brushes between colors. I have a painter’s box where I store all of my brushes. I have another box full of all different things that I might glue to my canvases, including faux plants, marbles, seashells, crushed seashells, and most recently, I added some old postcards that I found in an antique shop.

Here’s my latest piece that I created on my ‘desk’, I used one of those post cards for the picture, along with course pumice gel (when it dries, it’s like cement), acrylic paint, and glue on a canvas.

As you might be able to tell, my ‘desk’ at home is an absolute disaster area, but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way J.

Visit my blog here: to see what Allison had to say about her desk, and to see more entries by me. Thank you to TBR for letting me post here!

That's no problem, Kelly. No problem at all. The artwork deserves an extra round of applause, I think - how funky is that? *claps enthusiastically*


  1. heyyyy thanks T!!! I love how you set the photos up, and it was a pleasure posting for you! :) :)

  2. I have an uncle who paints too and I can say that Kelly's desk is a lot more organized. Hehe. But I agree, her artwork deserves a round of applause!

  3. Wow! That artwork is really worth more than a post and an applause.

    Painting is one thing i wish i could do hehehe.