Sunday, 22 August 2010

On Time Off

I have been dreading tomorrow all week. Today is my last day of freedom, my last day without work.

I've had a week off. What fun activities have I participated in? Which interesting places have I visited? None. My week was filled with a glorious nothingness; a lazy, slow-moving, so-chilled-I'm-frozen, so-relaxed-I'm-comatose week to break up the monotony of months in employment.

I'll admit that 'nothingness' is a stretch - I did see friends and even, on the odd occasion, leave the house - but you understand the point I'm trying to make, I think. For the past five days I have been so far removed from my usual daily routine that I've lost contact with the outside world. Like Major Tom, I am sitting in a tin can and Ground Control can't reach me. Because I'm drifting. That's how it feels. I haven't had to fight my way through King's Cross in five whole days (nine, if you count the weekends). I haven't woken up to the stomach-churning realisation that I should already be on a train and not in my bed. And, as I haven't passed any of the legions of people giving out free newspapers, I'm even a bit confused as to what's happening in the world. I am cut-off. Completely.

Until tomorrow morning, when the dance begins again. I'm a bit nervous of the state my inbox will be in when I get back to work. I'm also worried about not getting up on time. However, what I'm most concerned about is the fact that my time in exile has left me with a much slower walk. How am I to keep up with the crowds of commuters with this new dawdle I've developed? I suppose I can just pretend to be a tourist until I get back up to speed - that will also give me time to brush up on tutting at people when they stop in front of me. So, here we go, out of bed and back to reality.


  1. I've been wanting a time off work since like forever and spend it just slacking at home. I'm jealous that you had a so-relaxed-I'm-comatose week but hey, I'm a jealous person! The only time I had a week off recently was for my grandma. And that has been as stressful as work.

    Good luck tomorrow! Hope you get up on time!!! :)

  2. You've just described my holidays! haha
    So not looking forward to tomorrow, and though I don't particularly enjoy walking to work in 45° and under this burning sun....I still remember the runs to the train, the sweaty & stinky tube, and the people pushing you through the doors too well, so I don't envy you! ;)

  3. This is Ground Control to Major Tom. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.
    Good luck going back to work. Returning to reality after a week of vegetation generally sucks. God speed, Major Tom!

  4. Those are the best kinds of hols- the do nothing, wake up at noon so you can lie about in bed and stay in your jammies for as long as you want... Awesome.
    I'm kinda jealous because I need to sit down and just ... Do nothing. Bank holiday the coming weekend, so perhaps I'll lock myself in the house and chill out.

    Get out of bed, Tom. I saw your tweets this morning, ya lazy git.

    p.s about that movies comment on your last, villanous post... I'll get to it at some point.

  5. @ Gnetch - well, that doesn't really count as time off at all - you had loads to do and, of course, lots on your mind. I demand you take another week off, and devote your time fully to working out our family tree. No wait, that could be difficult. You can just watch telly and stuff.

    @ Serena - oh my God...the heat. I can't imagine working in that. I thought Italy closed down in August and nobody worked? Now I do envy that.

    @ Lauren - haha, I couldn't find my protein pills so I just had a big old coffee. Do you think that will have the same effect? The week did suck, it sucked so hard - like if the door blew off my space shuttle, it would suck half as hard as this week did.

    @ Risha - *hangs head in shame as Risha tells him off* You completely need to sit down and do nothing - you've been all over the place lately you madwoman. I can coach you, if you like. I'm quite the expert at doing sod all.