Thursday, 24 December 2009

On Avatar

After a trying afternoon navigating the bustling walkways of Lakeside Shopping Centre* I decided it was high time to go and see the film that's got everybody talking. A colleague recently saw it, but had to sit separately from her friends. While she was moved to tears, they left feeling rather underwhelmed. As such, I wasn't sure what to expect. N accompanied me, but can't be relied upon for an objective opinion; he could start a cult with his enthusiasm for Cameron's films and saw Titanic 13 times at the cinema - he was bound to love it...

And so did I. Parts of it had me up in my seat ready to fight the evil humans away from planet Pandora, and I definitely want one of those flying lizard things. I've read mixed reviews - but I think everyone more or less agrees that it looks absolutely fantastic. It blows the only other 3D film I've seen out of the water. Granted that film was Final Destination 3, so I suppose it's not much of a competition - I've watched episodes of Bargain Hunt that have gripped me more. The storyline is decent in my opinion, though others disagree - I suppose the question is whether it's a case of groundbreaking effects saving, or obscuring, a second-rate script? In my most humble of opinions, I wouldn't say so. I can see why people do think that - at times it does get a little bit psychadelic-GreenPeace-eco-crazy, but it does convey an important and topical message, so what if it transmits it via a thoroughly enjoyable, if utterly ridiculous, sci-fi yarn? And enjoyable it is - a ruddy good film if you ask me. It's not as heavy on the romantic plot as Titanic was, so the environmental message does come to the fore. That said, there's enough action and drama to keep it from feeling like a lecture. The characters could be considered a little one-dimensional - the scientist obsessed with obtaining samples, the gun-ho general fighting 'terror with terror', the corporate whore obsessed with getting the goods no matter what the cost - but then they are supposed to represent something, aren't they? Which they do well - I physically hated the baddies, with a passion.

I'm trying to be objective - I'm basically picking holes in something for the sake of it now, but it's hard because I bloody loved it. I think it's a film that has and will continue to divide opinion, but I do recommend seeing it, at least so you can make your own mind up.

Look out for the Derek Acora lookalike heading up the baddies...and ponder whether it's wrong to fancy an alien?

Yes, it's wrong.


* I have a friend who has developed a way of coping with walking through crowded streets; pretend you are a space ship flying through an asteroid belt. Although I zoned out before I had fully absorbed all the rules (it gets quite complex - the different 'moves' all have different names, and I lost track) I must admit to trying it. Something to keep commuter rage down long as there are no lasers involved.

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