Tuesday, 15 December 2009

On My Birthday


Today is my 25th birthday. I've booked the day off work and I'm currently lying in bed doing...well...nothing. I've been thinking about this for a while and have now decided to bite the bullet and start a blog. Apologies for misleading title - it's not brave, nor anything massively different - but I do have my reasons for entering the blogosphere:

1 - The last few years since I graduated have passed in a blur - of course there have been stand-out moments but a lot of the things I did have fallen by the wayside and been forgotten. This strikes me as a massive shame, and I'm hoping to remedy this 'going forward' (management speak!) by recording anything interesting so that I can look back on it later.

2 - 'THEN KEEP A DIARY' I hear you cry. Well, I could, but I know I wouldn't keep it up. Plus, I have a theory that everybody else's lives sound incredibly interesting when you read about them. I read a blog recently and thought, "God...you lead such a cool life," and it pushed me to reflect on my own. I'm in something of a rut at the moment - I don't feel like I'm going anywhere particularly fast, but despite this, I am having fun. I'd like to write it all down so that I can remind myself that my life is interesting, too. The possibility of somebody, somewhere, reading what I've written and finding it worthy of their time (which, one day, may happen!) is what attracted me to this particular platform - does that make me an exhibitionist??

3 - I live and work in London and I love it. It never bores me, becomes commonplace or dreary. I love being part of a city that has so much energy and I'm sure my escapades around the Big Smoke will feature somewhere.

In short, I've reached a stage in my life where, for the first time, everything's quite clear. I'm at the bottom of the career ladder - but at least I'm on it. I don't get paid that well - but at least I have a job. I've been with my long-suffering other half for nearly 5 years now, and at last I have matured enough to play an equal part, rather than run around causing havoc and heartache like a teenage tornado. Things are decidedly more settled than they ever have been - which is good, because that gives me more time to amuse myself. :)

So...this is a turning point I suppose. The future's bright and all that...


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