Wednesday, 30 December 2009

On A Quarterlife (or Afterlife) Crisis

I've just read the phrase 'quarterlife crisis' for the first time, on 20 Something Bloggers ( and it made me wonder: is this what's behind my recent technology binge? For someone who has been something of a luddite up to now, it is perhaps a little out of character to embrace this blogging malarkey. And Twitter. I'm on that too now. Not that I know anyone on there, but I still can't get enough of it. There was a time when I didn't think about where Stephen Fry was or what he was up to (he's back in London, by the way). And then the I-Phone - I'm downloading apps like there's no tomorrow. Where has all of this come from I ask you!? This time a month ago I was perfectly happy (or blissfully ignorant?) with a laptop for games and Facebook and a phone that could make calls and do absolutely nothing else.

Don't get me wrong - I like blogging and Twitter and am pleased to have discovered them, for they have a kind of real world value, a valid point - but the problem lies deeper. You see, doctor, the thing is, I'm worried that my wondrous new phone is unearthing an old me - one that I buried kicking and screaming after I left home for uni. GeekMe. The I-Phone has provided me with a funky little app for downloading comic books, and has also got me obsessed with a game in which you pretend to be vampire killing zombies. It's all a bit Top Trumps, with points for attack and defence etc, and a page with people you can attack for blood, with which you can buy new supernatural powers.

I know, I'm not doing myself any favours - on the off-chance there was a secret reader out there in the blogosphere, wondering whether this drivel is interesting enough to merit their time, the chances are they have by now packed their bags and moved on. But don't abandon me yet, imaginary reader, for I will beat this.

I shall concentrate my efforts on the cooler things in life; on reading, drinking, eating out and going to the gym. I shall leave myself as little time alone as possible without being accused of stalking my nearest and dearest, so as to avoid the temptation of this virtual world of the undead. I shall go to work every day, and embrace Real Life once more. Then I will have buckets of interesting things to blog about and Undead-GeekMe will be banished...until next time... (mwah ha ha ha).

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