Friday, 18 December 2009

On Being Snowtally f**ked

Yet again I find myself writing from the comfort of my bed while my colleages are hard at work!

The UK has once again demonstrated a fantastic inability to function in any atmospheric conditions other than overcast with light drizzle. I'm not just ranting at the powers that be either, I include myself in this. If the weather decides to do anything remotely interesting, I don't really know what to do.

So last night, after a couple of drinks in a pub in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, I was possibly the most useless person to have around when N's car couldn't make it up a steep hill due to the snow. If we'd left when it started instead of gawping at the pretty white snowflakes landing in the sea we might have been ok, but we didn't - we made sure we stayed in the pub until the bell, and then frolicked in the fresh snow for a while. This meant that by the time we made it back to the car, not only were we knackered, but also bloody freezing and soaking wet. Sensible. So, we got halfway up the hill, before N's noble steed packed up. I then witnessed a parade of people that crushed my faith in humanity almost entirely. One man stood and watched while I slid around behind the car - when I asked him if he could help he said he didn't really fancy it. ABSOLUTE TOSSER. Car after car went by and nobody helped. Some laughed, some gave advice, most looked straight ahead but nobody helped. THEN FINALLY, through the snowfall, a knight in shining armour appeared and with his help we managed to get on our way.

For all of two minutes, at which point we hit another hill. Three attempts and an hour and a half later, we cleared hill # 2! Hurrah! And slid into the kerb, damaging one of the front wheels. At this point we were both sitting in a nervous silence, listening to each revolution of the wheel praying that it wouldn't fall off. Actually, I'm not sure I prayed, but at one point I was exercising the power of my mind, thinking "If I just imagine that the wheel won't fall off, it won't, and all will be well. All. Will. Be. Well..."

And it was, in the end. Eternal thanks to the man who helped on hill #1, and the second man who stopped to check we were ok on hill #2. To the man who watched and laughed, and the chavs who nearly hit us speeding the other way, I hope you got frostbite.

ON A LESS BITTER NOTE, series 1 of E4's Misfits has just finished. In my most humble of opinions, it was fantastic. It was SuperSkins - fantastic young actors, a gritty setting and a plot that allowed them to explore comedy, action and, towards the end, drama. I am biased as I do like homegrown talent but this was one of the best new programmes I've seen in a long time.

Happy SnowDay!


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